Tuesday, June 5, 2012

eco resin multifaceted translucent grey ring with metallic silver flakes

I'm obsessed with the translucent type of rings. The process of making them is fascinating and unique. Your jewelry can have a cool story ... and a good price!



Beautiful ghostly grey multifaceted eco resin ring. Make a strong yet subtle statement with this large ring and catch the light in with its many facets. This ring is a pretty soft grey and contains metallic silver flakes.

This unusual ring is made of an eco resin that has been certified by the USDA as a biobased product. While most resins that use petroleum-based products, our eco resin uses bio-derived materials such as pine oils derived from waste-streams of other manufacturing products. 

We cast this ring in a handmade silicone mold and left it to cure for one week. Then we sanded it to a smooth and comfortable finish using over 10 grades of sandpaper and various polishing tools. 

Ring size: 7.5

Inspired by nature. Made in Canada. 

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